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The combination of the most complete professional tool set in the industry at the most affordable price makes NewTek's LightWave 3D® the choice for any 3D job anywhere. Designers and artists from Malaysia to Norway, U.S. to Australia, and everywhere in between, are producing award-winning work and making a living with LightWave 3D®. LightWave® fits the bill for any size business from a one-person shop to Hollywood special effects titans with hundreds of animators on staff. Whether you are watching television, browsing the web, reading a magazine, taking in a new movie at the theater, or watching billboards and buildings go by on the highway, you are encountering work produced or visualized using LightWave 3D®.

I believe LightWave 3D® lets your imagination be your limit. Anything you can imagine you can do. It's truly user friendly without the cluttered interface of other 3D applications.

Amir Youssef

© 2002 Amir Youssef SWIFT-RENDER

LightWave 3D® is the common denominator between an architect in Egypt who brings his building designs to vivid life, complete with furnishings, landscaping and people, a game artist in Croatia who produced the multi-award winning Serious Sam, and an animator in Dallas whose two-minute short gave birth to an Oscar-nominated CGI movie. Bring anything to life from buildings to characters with the broad range of tools included in LightWave® right out of the box, ready to go.

LightWave®'s tools are designed for fast productivity and easy, intuitive use. They are set in an interface that you can customize to your needs, so the tools you use most are right where you want them. Buttons are plainly labeled with the names of the tools so you know what they do instantly, not with cryptic icons that take months to decipher and memorize. Nothing in the industry is faster to learn, easier to use, or more productive. And no other 3D application has the world's fastest and most beautiful renderer, built-in.

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